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Chapter 9 QUIZ

1. a small office uses a wireless ISR to connect to a cable modem for internet access. The networl administrator receives a call tahat one office computer cannot access external website. The first troubleshooting step that the network administrator performs is to ping the ISR. While troubleshooting technique does this represent?

D. divide-and-conquer.


2. Select three items that should be documented after troubleshooting an internal web server crash (choose three)

a. when the problem occurred

e. steps that were performed to identify the cause of the problem

f. steps that were performed that failed to identify the cause of the problem


3. A user calls the help desk  to report a workstation problem. While three questions would the most helpful information for troubleshooting? (choose three)

  1. A.if you received an error message, what was it?
  2. B.Have there been any changes to your workstation recently?
  3. D.what version of operationg system is running on your workstation?


4. A user wants to lest connectivity between host 3 and 8 on a network. Which command can be used to verify a connection?

b. ping


5. Ipconfig = displays IP settings on host

Netstat = display network connections

Ping = tests connections to other IP host

Tracert = displays route taken to destination

Nslookup = asks name server for into on destination domain


6. Which three pieces of information are revealed by yhe config command? (choose three)

b. Ip address

e. subnet mask

f. default gateway


7. How does an activity LED indicate that traffic is moving through a port?

a. by flashing


8. What is one of the most common reasons why hosts could be unable to connect?

b. cabling problems


9. Which three factors can affect the ability of host to connect to an AP using radio frequency signals? (choose three)

b. The 802.11A is not compatible with the 802.11 B/G standars

c. The avalaible bandwith between devices is shared with APs

e. Mulitple devices running on the same frequency causes interference


10. what step should be taken once a problem is resolved?

c. update the documentation


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